Cityscape, Seattle

Canon G7X, Corel Painter Essentials (without tablet, sigh), Topaz Studio, Topaz Plugins, Photoshop, Kona Coffee. And I have to say, I’ve been carrying around a Canon 7D and heavy Canon prime lenses for the longest time, all bunched up in my Lowepro backpack But since getting my little PowerShot, I’ve been having a great time. The quality is exceptional and it fits in my pocket, which I REALLY like walking around the city. And then there is the convenience not having to lug all that gear through the airport. Old dog, new tricks!


Great shot. I like the colors and processing, it looks like the image is moving!

Nice processing technique.

I too have ditched heavy kit for something much smaller and can only describe it as liberating. Nice image by the way - great colours

Haven’t ditched the FF’s but have an alternative EOS M50 … also liberating :slight_smile:

Nice result …