Chronos SlowMo Broke - Black Footage Flickering

The ChronosSlowMo v3 v2 v1 model suddenly stopped working in any mode. The model does not finish the frames but fills in the gaps with a black frame. The black frames are mixed with the original ones on the preview and in the final file.

I deleted and reinstalled the model, deleted and reinstalled Topaz itself, and updated the drivers - nothing helps with this model.
And the most interesting - ALL other models work as before perfectly. ONLY THIS model stopped working.
Previously used SlowMo many times and for many months. There is experience.

What is it?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Is this still occurring? Also, does this occur when using the Chronos Fast model or only the SloMo version of Chronos?

If this is only occurring with SloMo, please switch to Fast for the time being.

I just received another email in regards to this issue, however, I have not been able ot recreate it on my end.