Chronos Fast not using GPU?

The gui did tell me that a ‘Reduce Jittery Motion’ pass would take significantly longer. Well I have a RTX 3090 in here, so I thought, what’s the worst it can do right?

14 Seconds per Frame, and Performance Monitor shows no usage on the CUDA charts. CPU shows 90-95%.

Was I wrong to upgrade to the 3.0.4?

VEAI does not show its usage on the CUDA Tab. Download GPU-Z and look at the charts there, they are more reliable…

Having said that, maybe your GPU is not used at all at the moment? What input resolution are you running?

14sec/frame looks more like CPU being used than GPU…

Check if you have the newest drivers installed and if resizable bar (smart access memory on AMD Systems) is enabled.

I am upscaling 6K to 8K prores to prores. I will check on the SAM/ReBar.

Is there any switch of some kind to select GPU vs no? I don’t recall such a thing… what would be the reasons the program would decide not to use the GPU?

File → Preferences. It should be the first option you see. It might be set to auto. Change it to your 3090.
Umm 6k to 8k might be the real reason. That’s a lot of heavy reading and writing. Your CPU’s going to have to work much harder to keep the GPU loaded. Again, SAM/ReBar should help there. Gen 5 PCIe might also help in that situation—provided your SSD isn’t like my cheap one that actually writes slower than 2.4GHz WiFi once the tiny cache gets filled.

I don’t mind if it’s slow, if it’s using all the power I’ve got. :wink: But it’s not using the GPU, clearly. AI Processing (the option in File ->: Preferences) is set specifically to the 3090. It is only set to 2 processes though… what selection should I make here?
ReBAR is currently turned off. I’ll need to reboot and find a wired keyboard to fix that heh.

Someone else recently mentioned setting power management mode in the nvidia control panel to prefer maximum performance. I tried that on my 3080ti and it does seem to increase the utilization form 30% to about 90, but I have not tested specifically if it actually processes things faster.
A side effect of that setting is that Desktop Window Manager now uses 100% of the GPU when idle. So it makes it a little harder to read the graphs.

So I’m thinking VAI doens’t seems to want to notice my GPU at all… :confused: