Chronos and trees

Using any version of the Chronos model to increase frame rate to double or 60 FPS, can have issues, but one seems very consistent.
I’ve noticed in several different movie clips shot from helicopter fly-bys of forest trees, the result gets massive blur patches added.

I tried the same clips on Nvidia Optical Flow (Using SVP), and it did not add the blur patches.

Any chance there’s a version 4 of Chronos in the works? If so, I hope this aspect gets included.

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The very first clip I tested after purchasing VEAI was a 4K 24p that I wanted to slow down 200% using Chronos. Two models swinging in front of trees, and VEAI added huge patches of blurry boxes across the trees throughout the clip. Was immediately disappointed and have been testing other clips looking to validate my decision to purchase.

If they know about it, they can throw together a bunch of clips to train a new version of the Chronos model. That’s what I’m hoping to help happen here. Even if a new version is in the works, I’m guessing we won’t see it until VEAI 3.0 is released.

I just found out that the Chronos SloMo model does not have this problem.
Since I have to use ffmpeg anyway to keep quality, I can run Chronos SloMo at 300% to jpg. Then set -framerate 71.928 (for standard 23.976 input source) in ffmpeg and -r 60.