Choppy Playback

Hey folks - does anyone else experience choppy playback of footage within the program? By choppy, I mean it appears like the playback is dropping/skipping frames. This does not impact the final export, but it’s been a nuisance when trying to utilize previews when trying to fine tune settings. This impacts both the playback of the source footage as well as the export/preview. This is a regular issue every time I use the software and has been irrespective of setting configuration.

I’m running an i7 12700k, 64 GB DDR4, nVidia RTX 3060. Topaz is running on a 1TB NVMe in Windows 11.


Yes, unfortunately, this is a known issue and as mentioned will not affect the exported file. If this is a blocker to your work, I would recommend previewing in an external player.

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