Chilhuly With AIClear and AIReMix

(Flick) #1

(Peter) #2

Nice processing, Flick!

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(Artisan-West) #3

Nice abstract. What is Chilhuly?

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(Kenneth Kovach) #4

Very nice work!

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(donvine) #5

Very nice. Chilhuly might even approve.

His stuff is in a bunch of my public garden pictures.

Always wonder whether I can sell an image of flowers with his sculpture in the backgroound

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(Flick) #6

thanks very much for your comments @Laundromat, @Artisan-West, @KenKv and @dvine - @Artisan-West, Chihuly is the person behind the blown glass here, he directs a huge group of glass blowers, and is the artistic source behind all of the work with his name on it

(RatRodStudios - Bob Kramer) #7

Nice edit …

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(Artisan-West) #8

Got it. Thanks Flick.

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(AmazingMumford) #9

Dale Chihuly is a world renowned glassmaker known for his organic designs.

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