Chicken Wire Effect

I’m sure this subject will have been raised somewhere but I haven’t been able to locate it with a ‘chicken wire’ search.

What I’m observing is the chicken wire effect that sometimes appears in processed videos. Please see images.

Note: When I upload the image to this forum the forum changes the image, removing the chicken wire effect. This issue needs addressing if you want to be able to accurately see the issues your users are trying to share with you. When I download the same file that I’ve uploaded the downloaded version is clearly not the same as the chicken wire effect isn’t there.

Here is a link to what the actual screen captured image looks like: after hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Log files attached.
logsForSupport.tar.gz (326.6 KB)

Having same problem! If I process with Topaz Photo AI, I see a faint grid effect on all photos working with the AddIn through Lightroom Classic. If I export my photos (I was hoping it was a weird screen burn in from my crop tool), the grid effect (chicken wire) remains on the photo. I cannot use the product. I have just renewed my upgrades for the product.

@barrowbay @Fehraz It looks like you are using Proteus here, are you in Auto mode? If so, please switch to manual and reduce recover original details or choose Artemis Medium or Low quality to see if this persists.

Hi Ida,

Thanks for your response. I used Iris for this one. I generally find that Iris is the least likely model to produce artefacts so I’ll often use it for general upscaling even where I’m not looking at a face. This was with sharpen and improve detail at 100 and recover detail at zero.

@ida.topazlabs There is definitely a regression in Iris in v3.4.0 versus v3.3.9 or v3.3.10. Take a look at these two screenshots and see the moire / mesh overlaid on every frame of the output video.

My logs file is 73.5 MB and this website doesn’t want to accept anything larger than 64 MB.

Are you on Sonoma?

Yes, and Sonoma works great with v3.3.x — if there’s a problem with Sonoma, DM me

The chicken wire issue you are describing is specific to Sonoma. The OP’s issue is a bit different than yours is- you can double-check this by running the model on another Mac that is not on Sonoma.

Apple should have this issue resolved prior to release. Also, I just tagged you in the beta thread with a solution :slight_smile: