Checkered background when enhancing the resolution

When I use the enhance resolution (e.g. 2x) my resulting image has gridded, checkered appearance. Photo AI 1.3.2

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Simply use Enhance Resolution along with Autopilot settings
  2. Carefully look at the resulting image. In smooth areas, you will see a faint gridding effect. In the example, I turned the contrast and texture up to better see the gridding.
    IMG_0611.CR3 (42.8 MB)

2023-04-28-11-20-25.tzlog (9.1 KB)

  1. Step 3

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]
Huber Mac mini.spx (6.1 MB)

Hi Denny,

Thanks for uploading the file.

I was able to reproduce this and it looks like Enhance is what’s causing the checkered background.

This is a known issue that we’ve collected a few examples of and now that we know what it is, we can update the model files to hopefully deal with this.

The workaround is to use RAW Remove Noise first and then export it as a TIF. Then, process the TIF in Topaz Photo AI with Enhance Resolution and this should prevent the artifact from appearing.

Thanks Tim

I will try that

Denny Huber

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I have a build for Topaz Photo AI which has a potential fix for the grid artifact when upscaling.

Please install the below Beta build and try upscaling some images to see if the grid artifact appears.
Mac build
Windows build

Please share any feedback regarding the grid artifact, if it’s still happening or if it seems to be fixed for you.