Changing mask selection color

I had an issue where the Mask Selection color had somehow changed to black (#000000) and I could not get it back to red (#ff0000).

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Look up hex value required using a color chart in a picture editor (I thought to myself: “one in photo AI would be nice”).
  2. Type the hex number into the six digit box under “Selection” and press “Enter”.
  3. Wonder why it doesn’t work, fail to find a solution in the ‘Help’ so send an email to support.

Solution: DON’T type the hex value into the box! Instead, click the color chip at the left-hand side and select the color you want there. A color chart IS built in (noice). Upon selecting a color by clicking on it, then clicking on “OK” the hex value updates. Voila!

Note to support dept: There may or may not be an “Apply” button in Mac OS, but in Windows 11 it’s an “OK” button.

Suggestions to Topaz dev’s:

  1. Disable the ability to type into a value box if it is not going to work.
  2. Put a light colored frame around the color chip because if it’s black you can’t see it when using ‘Dark Mode’.

I hope this helps other users.

Topaz Photo AI v3.0.4 on Windows 11

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