Changing email address

I have to change my email. What is SS0? I tried looking on google but couldn’t find the answer.

I don’t know what it has to do with your email change…but SSD refers to a Solid State Drive.

it’s SSO, maybe single sign on? but there are other abbreviations for this.

Please will someone tell me how to change my email?

I think you might have to log in to your account on the main Topaz Labs website and change it there.

logging into “my account” tells me to change the email with my “SSO.” So it won’t let me change the email there. But thank you for your help.

That’s your account in the forum - you need to go to to Topaz Labs website and log in to your account there - the one where you can view all your products.

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Oops…Sorry, I should have put on my glasses.

Go here to change it:

I do not think that you can possibly change your email for this account. One thing you can do is that you can send an email to the moderators as they are really active so maybe they will notice and give you an authorized permission to change your email. Or you can search the setting to find an option for changing it.

You can, and the instructions to do so have been posted already.

Hi same issue - where is the link to contact the moderators - couldnt find it - sorry to pester - thanks (apologies didnt realise this psot is 3y old) - ignore - have found “help button” apologies - tried to delete but couldnt see how!