Changes to crop tool in 2.1.0 disappointing

Disappointing because despite the crop tool seeing some changes in this latest update:

1/ It still lacks the ability to save one’s custom crop ratio presets, which sadly in terms of crop functionality is a significant regression from the original Studio (1)

2/ The manual entry of width and height is still clunky, and that is being kind.
For example, I open a 4912 x 3264 px JPG, and want to crop it to the ratio of an A4 page which measures (297mm x 210 mm), so I need to use a crop ratio of 297:210

(a) I click on the crop tool, and since there is no suitable preset, I set the Aspect Ratio to Custom and make sure the padlock is open.
(b) I then set the units to Millimeters (I know that ratios don’t have physical units, but that seems the most appropriate of the units on offer)
© I enter the width as 297 and move into the height box. The Width shows 297
(d) I enter the height as 210. As I do so, the Width changes to 297.0107
(e) After entry of the width, I close the lock expecting that to lock the ratio of the crop. It doesn’t. If I drag the crop guide it changes its ratio.

The Tab key doesn’t move the focus from the Width to Height entry boxes as would be expected, and neither does the entry key.

As I said, disappointing …very.