Change of color temp, exposure and more

I do process my CR3 pictures through File > Plugin Extra’s > Process with Photo AI.
Since months I see an important shift in exposure in the pictures I send through Photo AI. All photos become darker. I didn’t find that important, as I can change the exposure back in Lightroom Classic after the de-noising and sharpening. But recently, I noticed a shift in the color temperature as well, e.g. 5000 (as shot) in the CR3 becomes 5150 in the DNG.
Moreover, my processed photos are greener, which is a no-no for my (e.g. portrait) work.
I have an eye distrophy, so I can’t judge and correct the color tone myself. Other people (clients, models etc.) do notice this. There is no reason to change the exposure, temp and tone compared to the original, or is there? This is a big issue for me.

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Hi @thierry.hoornaert, can you upload some of your original CR3 images to this thread here so we can test them on our systems? Also, if you can upload a copy of the ‘shifted’ files (or a screenshot of what this looks like) that would be great.

Thank you!

Hi Preston,
I meant to send it with the original message but didn’t find the upload icon.
Here is the CR3 file:
_MG_0614.CR3 (34.0 MB)
I also sent a zip file containing the CR3 and 3 DNG outputs of Photo AI, _MG_0614-3.dng being done today with version 1.3.7. I also included a TIF output for comparison.
Here is the WeTransfer-link: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free.
Thanks a lot, Thierry

The CR3 is shown on the left, the most recent DNG is shown on the right.


@thierry.hoornaert Thanks for uploading the files.

I was able to reproduce all the shifts on my end and document it for my team.

In the meantime, you can try using the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI workflow which will preserve color and process a TIF instead of a RAW.

Hi Tim,
Has this issue already been addressed? Is it on the roadmap? I can’t imagine Topaz promoting this workflow, while that happens.
Best regards.

We are working on the most popular cameras and moving down the list as we make sure to fully support all cameras on the list.

Currently the Canon EOS 90D is 20th on the list. We are working on supporting the top 10 fully and moving down the list.

Hi Lingyu,

Is this issue camera-dependent?

Another issue with the DNGs:
Today, I found out that all the pictures I processed with Topaz Photo AI using LrC’s plug-in extras have the following dimensions: 256x170 pixels (dng), with the originals (cr3) being 6984x4660 pixels.
Is there something I can do about that?
That’s a real showstopper as I already sent pictures around not realizing they were that small.

I can still use the “Photo > Edit in > TPAI” workflow that creates a TIF file, loosing the raw information.

Here is the original. I can’t upload the DNG. The DNGs’ size is more than 4 times the originals, even with the smaller size.
_MG_1350.CR3 (44.8 MB)

Yes this issue is camera dependent. We have some cameras that are already well supported, like the Canon R7 and R5.

The small dimensions you are seeing on the DNG is for the small JPG preview which is included in the DNG file.

If you open the DNG file in an application with DNG file support such as Lightroom, Photoshop, or other image editing applications, it will open the full image. We are working on adding a full size JPG preview to the DNG for easy viewing and to resolve this confusion.

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