Cereus spent bloom on cereus cactus

cereus cactus from my backyard, bloom are large about 8 inches or so and only open up for 1 night fully then close up and fall off. This one kind of came to rest in an interesting “v” spot . These bloom in June and July and august usually here in Tucson, AZ. Took it into topaz black and white then added texture and a basic adjustment in the textures plugin. Also used another product for black and white. Texture is subtle but I am kind of new to textures. Probably not done with it yet.


Very stark, it almost looks abstract.

Very cool pp work …

“pp”? . Not really done with it. Probably a little too dark. I may gather some of these spent blooms and photograph them in a softbox.


Post Processing …

It does appear a little too dark, you may want to mask out the bloom and leave a little color to it since they appear for one night. I would like to see the color of the bloom within your B&W edit … just a thought?

good idea, will try that.

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here is a lighter one.