Cereus cactus bloom night

Peruvian cereus in my backyard. Blooming recently. Did a 2 remote strobe setup with one back lighting and one to one side in front. Used flashbender 2’s , the back one as a snoot. Processed in LR classic cc then with topaz ai clear, monochrome preset and precision contrast, masking and multiple basic adjustments.
One color - one b&W


Nice lighting …

Both are great, but love the B&W. Your clearly know what you are doing. Nice work!


Both very nice especially the B&W .

Interesting lighting. The top one reminds me of a negative.

trying to investigate the luminance of the back lighting with the strobe in the b&W. First time I have used them for that. Got then for a wedding that I was not able to shoot.

Beautiful work, very interesting technique. I like both very much but prefer the BW.

I am concentrating on off camera strobes to change lighting / shadows. Now that I use a commander for multiple strobes, kind of changes the approach. also got a light meter and that helps in setting exposure with flash.