CCY and F

This is another small panorama from a past trip to Rocky Mtn NP. In Studio 2, boosted contrast with a curves filter, used a dual tone filter to add the alpine glow of sunset, and a basic filter to tweak the foreground shadows.

Summits, left to right, Chapin, Chiquita, Ypsilon & Fairchild, part of what’s called the Mummy Range. I’ve been on the summits of CC&Y but not Fairchild. Chiquita is just over 13,000ft and is considered the easiest 13er in the park.

The original:

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Great panorama and processing!
The only thing I would do here is tone down the reddish trees. But this is only personal preference.

Very good job processing, impressed how you totally changed the time of day.

Thank you Peter. Yeah, I agree. Maybe the hue should be tweaked a bit too.

Thanks @KenKv it came out good enough that I’m thinking of going back to the original images and re-working them a bit, redo the stitch and then the dual toning.

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