Cattle in Winter ~ Montana


Great image and edits… well done.

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great image - pity about the ear tag

The ear tag is a reality and any cattlemen would wonder why it wasn’t there.

I’m a country boy - raised and for much of my life so understand the registration system as well as most country dwellers …
as a photographer I find the white tag and red button distracting
So for the front cover of The Farmers’ Guardian to illustrate the weather conditions — quote — “Farmers Guardian is a weekly newspaper aimed at the British farming industry.” ---- fine leave it in place.
But for a photo journal - probably edit it out or subdue it — MY PERSONAL COMMENT!

Filters aside, you can’t beat a great composition - lovely atmospheric image also.


It certainly is your personal comment, and you have my permission to download the image and remove the ear tag if it makes you feel better. As for me, I rarely edit out the reality of what I see. I obviously apply the unreality of filters and effects as a means of self-expression, but by restraining myself from “glitch-fixing” I force myself to become a better photographer by seeking out truthfully superior scenes. Besides, here in Montana the reality of cattle ear tags supersedes the impulse to remove them as a tip of the hat in respect for the state’s largest industry.

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