Carmel Flowers

Photographed at a cottage we stayed at a few years back, and processed in TS Impression plus a few additional steps that I don’t remember


so pretty

I think this would make a great print on canvas. Not so sure I would use the frame on the print instead of matting.

Great color and effects …

A riot of color …

Very interesting and cool processing!

beautiful image and processing


think @john811 has a point about the framing

Wow colors and treatment!

Very nice image and color palette.

No,no! That’s got to be a painting. Nine job.

Thank you all for your kind comments I really value your suggestions and opinions…You know, when I first developed and interest in photography, long before the birth of the computer, I was attracted by straight photograpy, (group f/64 type images) with extreme tone range and amazing sharpness. My how things have changed! Topaz and Photoshop have done so much to expand the definition of photography, and sometimes it’s fun to just let the process run away with the image. I hope all of you are having as much fun as I am!

The f/64 group style is still one of my favorites. I also like the new capabilities of digital and the software we have today. i edit to please myself as I am not too concerned with the sale of my work. I think after shooting for 46 years I am still trying to develop a style that is me.

Should this not be the way?