Canvas wrap margins for GigaPixel

I’ve been using Gigapixel AI in test mode and have now purchased it. I’m not in love; it takes forever to run and induces a graininess to images that I’m not in love with. But overall it does a good job, except for lacking an easy-to-add feature, that On-1 Resize DOES offer: the ability to add canvas wrap margins to the enlarged image.

These should be of three types: clear, reflective, and stretch. The user should be able to specify the margin width or choose from a drop-down of available sizes; of the two, I’d prefer to enter a specification.

As it is, I’ve been dealing with enlargements from roughly 17 x 27 up to 48" on the long dimension. To add a margin, I have to go back into Photoshop and change the canvas size, and using white for the fill color. I can’t do reflective or “stretched” margins. I can set transparency, but it’s a pain to do anything other than a solid color.

So come on Topaz, give us gallery-wrap margins.

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