Canvas Textures in Impression not in Texture Effects...where are they?

I use the Georgia O’ Keeffe preset a lot… and I like the Canvas textures that are used on that preset. However I don’t find any canvas presets when scrolling the textures in the program. Why have you left them out there as these are the ones I would use the most. I find far less need for the borders, faded or scratches than just canvas for example. Please help me find where they are listed or Please add them to the list. Many Thank, Steve

The Georgia O’Keefe presets are part of the Impression Adjustment and as such the textures are part of the Impression effect and are not available in Texture Effects as they are specific to Impression.

Do a search for canvas textures on the Interner, there are loads you can use, you can then import them into Studio Textures.

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fzm do some great free canvas effect textures.
Also Google search for raw linen textures.

This is a great group on facebook which lists
many free to use textures - many of which
are canvas based as well. Just check under
Files in the left side menu bar.

A propos of free textures, Daily Texture, lsdzines, Dorriem8 at flickr, Skeletalmess at flickr, french kiss, Lost and Taken, Mabro Photo Textures, Texture Palace, War Unicorn - all good and FREE high resolution textures.


How do I import textures into Studio Textures??


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Right hand panel at top of Texture Effects - click New - click Add Adjustment - click Texture… then you should see the Texture Category Manager - click here and import textures.

Texture Category Manager - click this arrow

Texture Manager - click Import


Thanks Jack!!

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Thanks, Don
It would be great if you would add the canvas textures to Texture Effects.
I think they would be appreciated by many users.

You may need to raise a product feature request (Topaz Products, Product Feature Request) as I am simply a User like yourself :slight_smile: