Can't stop and skip them all at once

If I have multiple files in a list, and doing upscale, I can’t stop and skip them all at once.
I have to click on each file one by one.

As this isn’t a bug I changed it to an idea to change this process. Don’t forget to vote for it.

Found a little conflict in this post. That’s either the solution, or they’re wrong.

???That doesn’t sound like what I wrote at all.

Sorry I just remembered the part about it stopping everything. Not the going back the the initial view potentially closing all videos and everything.

Oh, and that was the wrong link. I fixed it.

Oh you fixed the link, thanks. If I follow this method, I should be able to freeze all working files, but can I just freeze selected files?

Is this not a bug? As I recall, I used to be able to stop multiple selected files or all files by clicking the mouse?