Cant save in ts

i cant now save my work when finished or as i go along with some as i go along and want to save separtely. i was able to this from file, save as. and to my files as a jpeg. or i could do this from a top menu choice of export. That is no longer there and in file i only have choice to save look , or can only save as a ts2 file???. it was there a week or so when i was last in ts2.

Thanks Denise

If you are calling as a plugin from PS or AF or external editor from LR the options of Save as Project or Export are not available. Only available in the standalone version as you see here:


thank you for answer , no i am in ts2 stand alone. tried to save with 2 differnt sort of files, wondered if what sort of file or size but get the same

cant%20save%20in%20tps%202 from%20file%20menu . file drop down closses when i open snipping tool.but on file dropdown… SAVE PROJECT AS…SAVE LOOK…CANCEL…ACCEPT…PREFERNECES… are the only options. thnks

so no export option on top menu bar…

also when closing t s 2 down i get this!(
when%20closing%20get …
file has been changes do you want to export yes or no.
when i cl yes it goes back to my folder and changes the original pic, where as before it would save a copy of the worked pic. thanks Denise

That doesn’t look like the standalone, are you starting it from the icon on the desktop or calling it from some other application like Lightroom, Capture One, ON1 Photo RAW etc.?

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I open it from the tray or menu bar at the bottom of my pc, The export etc was there 2weeks ago. Thanks

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Go to Help-> Graphics info, press Copy and then paste the information here please.


This is how the Topaz Studio 2 standalone interface should look. See attachment.

Don is correct, it looks like you’re in the plugin version from the screen snips you’ve attached.

denioz is correct. This is a bug – at least on my iMac system – that Topaz should have fixed by now.

I have tried launching the standalone from Photo Mechanic, Photo Mechanic Plus and PhotoLine. In each case it seems to behave as a plugin with no Export option to save as a jpg or tif. Only save as a project.

The same bug occurs when a file – jpg in my tests – is dragged from the Photo Mechanic Contact sheet to the Topaz Studio 2 shortcut on the iMac Dock.


Sorry I’m feeling a bit slow here, if you are launching TS 2 from another host (PM, PMPM, PL) then you are running a plugin, right?

If the TS 2 icon is sitting on your computer desktop and you double click that icon to launch then do you get the standalone version as you should? (Or, however one launches a program directly from a desktop with Mac, if not dbl click).

If you launch from another application it will only save back to the image you launch from thereby acting as a plugin where you use the Accept tick to update the original recieved. Obviously this will cause issues if you use Photo Mechanic because it can send the image if it is a raw file, and allow it to be opened directly.

After testing again, DO NOT DRAG the image on to TS 2 as it will act like a plugin. Use the open file and you will have all the Export, etc. functionality.

Which is basically what I said. The question is why does TS2 behave this way. One can do the same thing with Capture One, Affinity Photo, ON1 One Photo RAW, PhotoLine, etc. and the editor offers a Save As/Export option.

The same applies to the drag and drop to the iMac Dock.

It is a bug that should be addressed, IMHO.


Don’t forget to raise a support request at the Topaz Labs website.

Don’t see that on Windows … Affinity & Photoline treat it as a plugin, ON1 & C1 treat it as an external editor as LR does.


Thank you all for answers, I can export as per advise if i dont drag and drop my image to ts2 tray on bottom of pc. but if i cl on 2 of the options to open from up the top of pc. and this gives me the export option.
should i still put in a ticket for, as i was able to open by dragging and dropping a few weeks ago. or is this a bug that has been looked into or should i submit a ticket.

I guess as your typical workflow, and those of other mac users, is to drag the image onto the application or icon I would suggest you raise it with support as it is a legitimate way to use your PC.