Can't save image while using stand alone topaz AI in window 10

Can’t save image while using stand alone topaz AI in window 10. No I don’t use photoshop. just topaz stand alone.

Make sure you add the following …

  1. Your system profile (Instructions for Mac ) or (Instructions for Windows )
  2. Your log files (Help > Open Log Folder within Photo AI)

I have the same issue. I just updated both PS (beta) and topaz AI suite. When I open an image in PS and go to Topaz plugin, I get 1x enhance option. When I open Topaz stand-alone

I get up to 6x. But there is no clear way to save the image form the standalone version; it asks to specify a location but no matter where I try to save it, it won’t save anywhere. Attached are 3 shots (I made 4 but the chat won’t allow the fourth). I just go round in circles in standalone mode

Update to v1.4.1 and you won’t be able to choose that option from the PS Filter menu. You need an Automated entry to be able to expand or contract the canvas.

It hasn’t been provided yet. You can do upscale/downscale from LR or as a standalone.

Please click the Save button here to save the file.

Is that working as expected for you?