Can't open topic in VEAI thread

Even though that is the software I own, for some reason I’m not allowed to create topics in the appropriate subforum for it. This forum is confusing and hard to read anyway.

This forum automatically grants create rights after a certain number of replies and reading of threads to control spamming.

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So to find out I need to spam the forums anyway, seems kind of counter productive to me.

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I’m in the same situation. I came here because I’m having an issue with VEAI, but I’m not allowed to actually ask the question, so I’m wondering what the point is.

Ah, same here. i come in from time to time, but i was having trouble with super8 film stuff and can’t post the question.
Oh, well, reddit it is, I guess… Yeah, kind of counter-productive.

[ EDIT ] Well, this was my 5th reply and the “post” button is usable now. So I guess it’s 5 replies and some reading around.

[EDIT EDIT] Nop, sorry, my fault. Can post in the general forums, not in the VEAI section.

Same here, forum is pretty useless for trying to actually get some answers

Same issue.