Can't move image with space bar

When I go to “Refine” the selected subject, and then select the Airbrush version of the selector, I can no longer move around the image using the keyboard spacebar, as I can with the other (terrible) type of edge-sensing selector.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.3] on Windows

Moving the AI brush around on Win 11 by holding the spacebar and using the mouse works fine for me in all 4 sizes.

No, what I mean is, when the image is zoomed-in, and you need to move around the image (by using the spacebar, which should produce the hand icon), it doesn’t work.

You can still move it without the hand icon.

Hi @prbd, I just tested this out on my system and was able to get the spacebar to work with both brush modes – can you try clicking a blank area on the Topaz Photo AI sidebar and then try using the spacebar to move around again?

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