Can't make new topics on VEAI forum

I seem to be able to make new topics elsewhere. Is my trust level too low? How do I increase it?


You should be able to create on any thread you have access to, in your case that is all except Beta. If you have something specific to a release post in that release announcement.

Hi AiDon,

Can you see my image below? I am blocked from creating new threads in that sub-forum. Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


What browser are you using as it should show a plus sign?

If you open in a category you should see something like this where you can raise a new thread and you can choose the category from the pulldown at the top. You cannot raise a new thread from within another.

I’ve tried both Chrome and Safari.

All other sub forums work fine.

I tell you what, just create the thread in this category and I will move it for you.

Figured out the issue. I needed to post enough to be considered a ‘Member’ after that it worked!

What a bizarre idea. I wanted to make a post in the VEAI category about issues with the Dione profiles but I’m supposed to make posts in categories I have no interest in or reply to topics I know nothing about?

That is what spam control is all about. Typically spammers go away if they can’t post immediately. It may be inconvenient for you but works for the site. Just raise a post in say Topaz Products and a moderator will catch it for you.

I can’t post either, this is my first post so hopefully I can post soon.

i guess some of you have not realized, that topics are closed after some time …

so you cannot post replies to that topic anymore, none of us :wink:

I do not have the ability to create a topic at all on here?