Can't make new topics on VEAI forum

I seem to be able to make new topics elsewhere. Is my trust level too low? How do I increase it?


You should be able to create on any thread you have access to, in your case that is all except Beta. If you have something specific to a release post in that release announcement.

Hi AiDon,

Can you see my image below? I am blocked from creating new threads in that sub-forum. Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


What browser are you using as it should show a plus sign?

If you open in a category you should see something like this where you can raise a new thread and you can choose the category from the pulldown at the top. You cannot raise a new thread from within another.

I’ve tried both Chrome and Safari.

All other sub forums work fine.

I tell you what, just create the thread in this category and I will move it for you.

Figured out the issue. I needed to post enough to be considered a ‘Member’ after that it worked!