Can't log in to my account

I downloaded one of your “upgrades” to Video AI this morning and now i cant get the app to work at all.

Please use the correct category … it isn’t an Idea.

We will need more information from you un order to investigate this. Are you seeing an error message? If so, please share a screenshot of it, etc.

I’ve found a way to log in again Ida, so all good for now.

It was just annoying me that I had updated but could not use my Video Ai after doing so.
I usually have no such trouble when updating, but once or twice it has been messy.

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Hi Peter, that is great, but your experience is not normal and I would like to determine why this is happening. If this does happen again, please open a Support ticket :slight_smile:

Yes, I shall do that Ida.
Thanks for you assistance,

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