Can't find any info for Beta Tester

I mean no disrespect, but I can’t find any narrative on this forum that describes the specifics of being a Beta Tester. In general, I know what a beta tester is, I think; one who tests new versions before being released to public.

But I see no difference betw a regular forum member sharing glitches and a designated Beta Tester also sharing product glitches. I can’t find answers anywhere to my several questions before applying.

Does the beta tester get the new version before the general public users? What are the system requirements? What are the duties/responsibilities of testers? What are some benefits to the tester? How do they apply?

Answers to these questions I could not find anywhere. A blog I was referred to didn’t answer any of these questions either. Several B-testers have posted comments touting the advantage but did not list any specific descriptions of duties, benefits, or particulars as to the difference betw testers and product users sharing their issues with the products.

I can’t find a forum section devoted to B-testers. A forum search for “beta tester” reveals nothing in answering the several questions I mentioned. I can’t even determine where exactly you apply for the title. I assumed that a beta tester section/group would be under the company’s corporate umbrella, not outsourced to the user forum — unless the company is taking advantage of their customer/user resources and saving money by not having R&D or QC departments.

Once again, where can I find specific answers to my basic questions: 1) What exactly does the B-tester do for Topaz; 2) what specifically are the duties or tasks; 3) what is expected from the Tester; and, 4) what are benefits to the Tester? Who or where is the application and acceptance team?

These are the most basic fundamental questions for any responsible position of any type, regardless of paid or voluntary. Would anyone accept a paying job or a volunteer position without asking these questions? Or are my search skills too rusty to find the answers? I have patiently gone to every URL referred or recommended to me, and found nothing. Help please!

Beta testers do exactly what you said you think they do - they try out a few iterations of new versions before the public version, but no, they don’t get the final versions before the general public - those are released to everybody at the same time.

It’s only available to beta testers.

I may be wrong, but I think every current beta tester probably did exactly that.

If you go to the bottom of almost any any page on the main Topaz website, under “COMPANY” you’ll see a link to “Become a beta tester”. Click on that, then click on the blue “Message” icon in the top right and you’ll be able to send a message directly to the beta testing group and apply to be one.

Thanks Paul. I finally got there.

Hi Paul, you seem versed on forum matters, so I must pick on you.
I sent only an inquiry to Beta Group yesterday merely asking a few basic questions about responsibilities, procedures, benefits, etc — before formally requesting to be a tester.

Today I notice the label “Beta Tester” next to my name. However, I didn’t receive any answers to my questions, notification of acceptance, or procedures how to participate or contact the link that you mentioned that is open to only testers. And ironically, I didn’t even express intention to join until my questions were answered, yet they signed me up without replying (which okay), But let me know what I do next to contact group, make submissions, or participate.

I don’t even know how to get into their secret headquarters. :slightly_smiling_face:
Do they notify you when a new iteration is to be tested? Are there any instructions indicating procedures/protocol?

Any suggestions or insights!

You will find a little more info here

It is important to note that beta iteration discussions are only posted within the beta forums for that particular app. So that post may be a good place to continue asking questions and we’ll help as we can :slight_smile: Welcome to the group.