Can't export a 4k enhanced file (any size) without it stopping midway through with an unknown error

System profiles and log files attached. I only recently bought Topaz, had one good day, and now I keep crashing with unknown issues any time I try to export from the 4k preset. I could understand it if these were enormous files, but some of my attempts have just been small mkv files.

My initial worry is that I simply don’t have the processing power in my PC, since I just bought Topaz two days ago. I did install an update this morning, but I’m not noticing anyone else having problems getting any exports to work.
2023-04-06-12-25-15-Main.tzlog (1.3 MB)
DxDiag.txt (127.0 KB)

Having a heap of issues with Intel Arc GFX. What GFX Do you have?

maybe convert the file again with a video converter of your choice, this often helps me to get troublesome files to work better.

i7-10700K processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080. Pretty midrange, but nothing that should be choking on a one gig two minute test file like this.


I’d first like to try updating to the latest Studio Driver from NVIDIA for the RTX 3080. It looks like you are currently running version 516.94, here’s a link to the 531.41 release from last week.

Please install this updated driver and try running the same upscale task again. Thank you!