Can't edit Nikon Z8 NEF in Topaz AI

Using Plug IN Manager in Lightroom Classic, I get a mess trying to process a NEF file.
Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Edit NEF in Topaz AI
  2. Topaz opens as extension in Lightroom
    I get a bunch of garbage and an error message
    This is on Mac. Lightroom and Topaz are latest release. Please help!

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

The HE compressed variant of Z8 raws are not supported in Topaz, because the third party library LibRaw doesn’t yet support them. This has come up alot lately.

Thanks. I am able to pull RAW 9NEF) images from Lightroom into Topaz AI using Plug-in extension and get Topaz to work. (Progress)/ But after Topaz runs, and I click,“Save” to go back Lightroom to edit, I get a an error message. Perhaps this is still an issue with compatibility you mentioned above. NOTE: I’m not using “compressed” RAW files (HEIC*), I’m suing Lossless NEF files. Thanks for any additional insight.

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