Can't control default save directory in Sharpen AI?

After I process and image and go to save it, the folder for saving is always the PC administrator’s picture folder.

I then have to browse to the folder I want to save in. A major pain.

Am I missing something here ?

Running Windows 10 on a stock Dell desktop.

If you are referring to the latest Sharpen AI v 2.0.2 then it remembers the last export location you used which is fine for those who always export to a specific folder, but it doesn’t appear to have an option to export to the folder the source image was in.

Well, that shortcoming should be fixed.

Yes it should.
The same issue was raised back in July 2019 in regards to Gigapixel AI.

The current version of Denoise AI has the option of saving to the source directory or specifying an alternative path.


When you click on Save Image you should get the dialogue box below, where you can set the Save directory of your choice:


That is exactly what my original post says. It is a poor implementation that requires you to navigate to another folder each time you save.

There should be an option to save to the source folder.
You should also be able to go into the preferences menu and charge the default “save” folder.

These are well known good interface programming practices.