Can't batch process after update to 2.0

Ever since updating to Version 2.0, if I to batch process, it goes a few images in and then crashes.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]
2023-09-10-00-14-51.tzlog (577.7 KB)
2023-09-09-23-56-28.tzlog (67.6 KB)
2023-09-09-23-57-51.tzlog (673.3 KB)
2023-09-10-00-10-37.tzlog (142.1 KB)
2023-09-10-00-13-14.tzlog (84.5 KB)
2023-09-10-02-35-53.tzlog (881.8 KB)
2023-09-10-00-17-37.tzlog (251.4 KB)
2023-09-10-00-23-4.tzlog (1.6 MB)
2023-09-10-00-32-20.tzlog (253.2 KB)
2023-09-10-02-34-42.tzlog (14.8 KB)
2023-09-10-02-49-19.tzlog (220.2 KB)

Thanks for reaching out. We released v2.0.1 today which has a fix for the face recovery crash.

Please update and let me know if you are still getting the crash after doing this.

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