Can't access Studio from Lightroom

When I am in Lightroom and go to Edit in and select Topaz Studio, all that happens is I get a TIFF copy of my photo in LR. Topaz Studio does not open. If I try and open the RAW file in TS, it is all red and off center (using Canon 6D Mark II).

And, if I open my photo in Photoshop, choose Filter, Topaz Studio, it opens fine. If I make any adjustments, hit apply, it works fine. After returning to PS, and then when I go to edit another photo in TS, all the previous adjustments from earlier photo are applied to the new one. I can hit reset, they go away, but as soon as I hit Apply, the previous adjustments are applied, not the new ones I’ve just done.

This happens all the time when I go from PS to TS. Is there a way to clear the ‘cache’ for TS? Or is this a bug with the newest TS. This has just started happening with the newest update to TS.
thank you, Susan

It’s probably your external editor list in Lightroom, maybe due to an update. Try deleting Topaz Studio then relisting it.

thanks, I did re-install TS, and was able to add it as an External editor (after much searching).

I still would like to know why TS stays with the same adjustments reset to previous ones, especially after hitting Apply.

I can’t get my photos to go from LR to Studio, all that happens is a new TIFF copy is made in LR.

Windows or Mac?

Where is Studio installed?

Have a look at Preferences, External Editor Templates and make sure the Topaz Studio preset is pointing to the correct link which will be “TopazStudioLightroom” in the Studio application folder. If it isn’t update the location and save.

I notice you posted in another thread as well as opening this, just use one post for the same issue please.