Canon using Cloud Processing for Noise Reduction

It is interesting that Canon has set up a new Cloud Based service for noise reduction where the image is uploaded to the cloud for processing using new noise reduction technology…

"Canon Cloud Imaging for Digital Photo Professional which processes your still RAW images by noise reduction technology or other technology and yields processed images (“Service”) is provided to you by Canon Inc. at 30-2, Shimomaruko 3-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-8501 Japan (“Canon”), free of charge.

Those who have a Canon ID account and agree on the following terms of use (“Terms”) may use the Service.

The Service is an additional function to the Digital Photo Professional which Canon currently provides, and enables you to send your still RAW images taken by EOS-1D X Mark III (“RAW Image”) to processing servers which Canon directly or indirectly controls over (“Processing Server”), have such RAW Image processed to reduce noise and send back such processed images (“Processed Image”) to you (with the RAW Image collectively, “Images”).

Please note that the Processed Image is newly generated and different file from that of the RAW Image and does not have the same function as the RAW Image has. Further, the Images are retained in the Processing Server for around 72 hours from the time when the Processing Server has received the RAW Image."


Interesting… but I will not buy the new EOS-1D X Mark III because of this :smirk:

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This is really an amazing function that Canon starts to provide. One thing that I need to know is that, if the image after being processed is not the raw file like before. Then does this online software changes the format of the photo or not. One more thing, here it is written that we have to be a member of of the off the official cannon website, is it really necessary?.

If you were planning to buy EOS-1D X Mark III then please do not stop yourself from doing that. This camera has the most amazing motion photography technology. If you are like a guy who would use a camera for professional reason then you must buy it at any cost. Though it costs so much but if you can afford it you definitely should buy it.

Thanks for your suggestion but no, I am not a professional photographer. About two years ago I invested in the 5D Mk IV and I am very happy with this one. Apart from the price the 1D weighs more than 2.6kg without lens which is just too much unless you use on a tripod.

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