Canon Digital photo professional (DPP) & Denoise AI & Sharpen AI

I normally start my post process from Canon DPP. And then will use Denoise AI or Sharpen AI for further processing if needed. My problem is, all other saved images either from Denoise AI or Sharpen AI cannot be read or opened by DPP. Any idea / help? Thanks.

What is the format of the DeNoise & Sharpen images you are trying to open in DPP.

Note: provide the exact save parameters you use.

I was using tif format. When saving I choosed to retain original source format which is tif. I also tried to save as all types of file available in AI. There are jpeg and jpg files. Only if I saved as jpg it will be able to open in canon DPP fyi.

That seems to be correct, JPG are supported but looking at the TIF images it seems not all are supported. For example Capture One before v20, the current version, can be opened. So I would suspect that it is a Canon issue and you could probably post on the Canon Community Forum to find out a reason why.

The forums can be found at:

And there is at least one thread there:

I see… thanks so much Don. Appreciate your kind attention and help on this. I think you are right, it maybe DPP’s issue. Will try look for solutions there where you suggested. Thanks again. Cheers.

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