Canon 1DX or 5D mk iv?

Hi, Moving back early next year to the UK and want a FF camera for bird/wildlife photography, will need to be from the used market so looking at 1DX or 5D iv £2000 around the budget but wonder what of these two would be the better option to go with the 7D MK ll I already own? Thank you, Russ.

Well I was going to say the 1DX…but then I read this…

The 5D also has the same ‘format’ (ie. shape) as your 7D, so it will feel familiar in your hands.

Thankyou for that. I was leaning toward the 5D iv, new tech, lighter, easier to hold etc. Russ.

Which ever you buy be sure and check actual Shutter Actuations . It does make a big difference . Here’s a link to one you might check out however you might have to register to see it . . Very low Shutter Actuations !

Thankyou but to far away from Europe.

Wow , you live in Europe ? Where about ?

Greece, but as stated in OP move back to UK early next year.

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