Cannot view top taskbar

Four days ago, I updated Photo Ai to the latest version (3.0.3, according to my control panel). The program opens fine and can process images, but I cannot get the taskbar to appear at the top. Also, I cannot move the program on the screen. As a result, I have to use the task manager to close the program. This did not happen with the version I had been using (not sure what it was). I am running Windows 10 on an HP PC, with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 card, with the latest driver installed.

I see that this is not a new issue, but have yet to see a solution. I find the new version better than the one I had been using, but the lack of functionality (and solutions) makes me want to just restore the computer and give up on the latest version. If I uninstall the program and reinstall it, will Topaz recognize me a legitimate purchaser or will it demand that I purchase the program again?

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