Cannot Upgrade Apple High Sierra

Apple released os high Sierra 10.13.2 tonight. It will not install on my machine. Since my machine is down now I can only say the error log said something like bad or missing quartz framework. I’m over my head with this and don’t know what that is but didn’t you mention something about that. Anyone else on Mac trying to update to 10.13.2.?

If I manage to get back up tomorrow I’ll send you the report. Hoping it’s Apple’s problem and not Topaz

Is this anything to do with Studio not installing?

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Hi Don, as I understand it, the framework was behind the issue of not installing. And changes were made. I’m hoping those changes haven’t influenced my inability to upgrade. Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong area. It was late and I was tired and it’s not easy to navigate this site. TIA - Barb

No the framework is QT and has nothing to do with Apple … created its own thread in case others have come across the same issue as you have. You may want to do a search on the internet for errors with ‘quartz framework’.

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