Cannot see edited pictures in Apple Photos

Hello, I have just bought Photo AI today, but no matter how I edit pictures (directly from the app, or by selecting the app as an editor from within apple photos), when I save the image (selecting save back to original location) the new / edited image does not appear in apple photos… Am I doing something daft or is there an issue please?

Topaz Photo AI [v2.0.0] on [Macbook Air, M2, 24GB RAM]

Trying to edit in Apple Photos ver 7, OS 12.6.8, TPAI 2.0 will not save edited image

Interestingly I do not get an error at all, @ kodilu has also posted about the same thing and seems to get the same issues as me, although has noticed that there are additional files created, but we just don’t see them in apple photos…

@simon.frampton please make sure you are using the Apple Photos plugin as described here:

If you are and it’s not working, let me know.

This is a different issue than the one reported by kodilu. This issue is due to image orientation metadata causing an invalid output.

I have a developer working on a solution for this. In the meanwhile, if you make any edits to the image (exposure, color, orientation) and then use the Topaz Photo AI plugin to Apple Photos this should work.

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Thank you this works, and keeps the full RAW original as well should I need, why doesn’t that work when you right click on the image itself and select edit in Topaz??

The Edit with workflow does not call Topaz Photo AI as an external editor/plugin.

I’m not clear on why exactly the interaction with Apple Photos does this, but we had to make the plugin in order to get the Topaz Photo AI and Apple Photos integrated correctly. This is the method Apple Photos recommends.

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