"cannot open output file"

step 1 - open Topaz AI from Lightroom plugin
step 2 allow Topaz to process a file (no adjustments made)
Step 3 click “save” which says “save to Adobe Lightroom Plugin”
Step 4 allow Topaz to process but comes back and says “cannot open output file”.
I have been unable to process the last 3 updates (and several previous ones as well, so to get around this I have been downloading the latest version. I have Lightroom on D drive and Topaz on C drive

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on Windows


Try sending a TIFF with LR edits applied via the edit in menu to see if that makes a difference.

Where you are saying you haven’t been able to process the latest 3 updates sounds as though you don’t have sufficient access rights to save images to the D drive.

I usually go to the edits in lightroom, go to Topaz via the plugin, used to work all the time, just not since I renewed my subscription with Topaz…

Did you try using edit in? You may as well raise a support request at the main website, they will be able to help.

FYI has nothing to do with your maintenance payment, but a lot to do with permissions.

And, of course, I am assuming you are using v1.2.6.