Cannot launch or launching too long

I cannot launch Video Enhance latest build from command line.
I updated studio driver for Nvidia RTX 2080 TI to the latest one and reinstalled Vide Enhance software (of course the latest one), but the launching didnt start. I also log out from account in Video Enhance software, and relogin again, but the software doesnt launch from command line.
I try to run:

veai.exe --input “f:!!!_YouTube_upload_media_file_extractor_ffmpeg_input!_UPSCALE\1920x1080\paczka2\2012-08-26 - parapetowka u Ani i Rafala.mkv” --fill-mode letterbox --crf 20 --output-format mp4_h264 --width:height 3840:2160 --ai-name ghq-5 --cuda 1

How to force the application to launch the processing from cmd?