Cannot import video sequence

1-Trying to redo the intro of old anime series. So I transform it in a png sequence. Rework image 1/1 then try to inport back from sequence, but topaz video only load the first image and show a video length of 00:00:00,00.
When i click play, the first 1-2 images blink super fast.
2- Windows 11, RTX4090, 64gb DDR5 RAM, topaz version v5.1.4. (1.9 MB)

If it may help, when i select the original image sequence generated from original video, that do work, but when i select that sequence where i cropped the image and done some other work on images already, that where it bug. No matter if I take the 800 images, or only like 20, that juste not importing correctly.
The modified images have a format of 2304x1792px and topaz do not fail to recognize that this was a 23.976 fps video.

I found why the sequence wasn’t importing:
All images must be named with number starting from 000000 to last frame with no extra text in the name.
This issue can be closed.