Cannot Download Star Effects

Star Effects has been downloaded, but I can’t access it. I have re-downloaded, several times, but all I get is the Quick-Start pages, with no hyperlink. :confused: Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

Go to the download page and choose WIN/MAC and it will be downloaded to your download folder on your computer. Don’t use download managers except for the browsers integrated one.

Thank you, Don. That’s what I’ve been doing. Other ideas?

What browser are you using and what are you actually clicking on … do not right-click and select download. Only click on the Green button.

Here’s where I’m downloading from. I’m not right-clicking.

You are not using the link I gave you above, go there and try it …

It’s the same as the other times. I get the quick start guide, and that’s it.

And here is where I see that it’s downloaded, but I sure can’t find it anywhere! :confounded:

You have been asked questions you just have not answered.

  1. Are you downloading from the link I posted above? (Not from your account link)
  2. Did you click on the green download button?
  3. Where do your downloaded files normally go on your computer?
  4. Did you install the downloaded file, i.e. in Windows run the .EXE, for Mac OS double-click on the downloaded DMG and drag the application from the .dmg window into /Applications?
  5. What Browser are you using? And what PC do you have?
  1. Yes. I used the link you provided.
  2. Yes…clicked on green button; did not right click.
  3. I direct them to go into my downloads.
  4. I’m on Windows. I ran the EXE. It went to Programs.
  5. Windows 10; HP

Where are you trying to run Star Effects from … Photoshop, Studio, Lightroom or another application?

Star Effects is a plugin not a stand-alone application.

I’m trying to run it from Lightroom, but cannot find it there.

I just found it under “Fusion Express 2” in Lr. Whew! Why is it hiding there?

Thank you, and goodnight! :relieved:

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