Cannot do batch processing in v3

I simply cannot get batch processing going in version 3, and I am sure I am missing something obvious. Following the instructions in the documents, I:

  • Drag the videos to be processed in to the “Input” pane.
  • Select them using command-click, causing each one to highlight.
  • Confirm that the processing parameters are correct.
  • And click the big blue EXPORT n (where n is the number of selected videos) button.

It then processes one video, and stops. Every time. Any tips appreciated, thanks!


I have the same issue, the workaround was to use Cmd-E / Ctrl-E to start the export as mentioned in this post: 3.0.1 Freezes after processing the first video in a batch - #4 by yambamarkbuy-76499

In other words, it doesn’t work any more!

Unfortunately that appears to be the case :frowning:

+1 on that. If there is a way to do this in the UI, it is so deeply hidden that noone can find it.