Cannot access denoise

I bought denoise on the last day of the October promotion, to add to my Sharpen and Gigapixel which are registered to my email.
When I was making my visa payment, as I hit the button to complete the deal I spotted that I had mistyped my email address, missing out one letter. I think it went in as oldlinconian ( the “l” missing). Consequently I cannot access it as that shorter email address does not work. I have checked my Visa bill and you have taken my payment. I have emailed what I believe was customer service about this twice already and have had no reply. Can you please inform me of how I can get the registered address changed or how I can in some other way get access to the software I have paid for?

Chris Langley

Please note never display your email on public forums as they can be picked up by anyone.

For your issue you need to raise a support request at the main Topaz Labs website.

I have emailed Topaz labs three times and received NO reply at all. Is there a phone number you know of??

Topaz responded to your Facebook post about an hour after you posted telling you what you need to do - raise a support request on their website so they can merge the two accounts. You can do that here: