Can you run two effects chains and blend them ( batch)

I want to do a few different adjustments to create one output and then another few adjustments for another (from the same source) and then combine them with a blend mode. I can do this for one adjustment each but not sure how to do it for something with many adjustments. I need to do it in one big adjustment as I need to batch that. So for example, I want to do a few effects on one source that gets me great edges, then starting back with the same source and do a bunch more effects that get a painted look - then need to combine just right with a blend function - and get that all in one effect group so I can batch it on many files. is that possible? Using matting? or another technique? Normal lyI would do this in photishop actions and layers - that is with actions in photoshop call TL and put output on a layer then again call a differetn TL on another layer and combine with blinding in photoshop - but actions does not work in TL Studio ( used to do this in older TL Impression) - so is there a way to do it completely in TL

Setup a TSP Project file with all the steps included - and then batch from that?

The only way I can think of is to create a preset in Studio with your two sets of adjustments. The adjustments uses the enhancement + at the bottom of the primary adjustment. The second primary adjustmen is also set to use the original image. Save this preset and then use in the Batch mode.

Impression + enhancements (if needed)
Second adjustment set to use original image + enhancements and blend mode set.