Can we get jpg file name extension instead of only jpeg?

Windows 11. Other Topaz products allow saving files in JPEG format with a .jpg file name extension, but Topaz Photo AI does not, as of version 1.04. It always saves the file with a .jpeg file name extension.
I find it annoying to have to go back and change the file name every time to make it consistent with the other files.

Stephen…It would be easier to configure/add JPEG as a valid extension to your Windows system so that every time it sees JPEG, it treats it the same as JPG

Here’s a link

That’s not the problem I want to solve.

I have, for example, a folder of photos of the same subject or event, with uniform name formats. I mark modifications of a given photo with notations, and the mods stand out in a file listing as having longer names. This makes it easy to pick out all the original photos in the folder for archiving or indexing, or to pick out all the modified versions for other purposes. But when some photos get non-uniform file names due solely to an application’s inability to keep the original extension, it makes extra work for me. (Yes, for one photo it’s a tiny inconvenience, but I have to remember to do it. And when I process dozens of photos at once, the inconvenience is not so tiny.)

The other Topaz products allow me to choose a jpg or jpeg extension. I just want the same ability in Photo AI.

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I agree with Stephen… only .jpeg extensions is annoying.

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As a temporary workaround I made a batch file that will rename all jpeg and tiff files in its directory including all files in the sub folders to the .jpg and .tif extension:

rename jpeg and (321 Bytes)