Can Topaz Impression 2 be installed as a plugin for Topaz Studio 2

Can Topaz Impression 2 be installed as a plugin for Topaz Studio 2? I want to use the preset “a pencil haze” in studio 2…

Topaz Impression comes as an Adjustment already inside Studio 2

I know that but I want all of the presets from Impression 2


Copy down the settings from Impression 2 and create a preset in Studio using the impression filter.

I cannot locate “A Pencil Haze” in Studio 1 nor Studio 2

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Hi jack, it is in Impression 2.

HI I do have a follow up question on this as I am facing the same issue. Does that mean we now have to manually recreate each of the presets in the old impression 2 back in the studio 2 so that we can use it .
Can we not copy the config file from one application to another is there no simiple way ? thats paiful if i now have spend hours of going back and forth to have to recreate each of the preset. I am loosing respect for topaz and can’t believe my investment are now down the grabage hopefully not can you please advice


Yes they need to be recreated manually. Presets in Impression 2 and Studio 2 are not in the same format.

What about a conversion import/export function for those users who made a workflow with the plugin for years? Impression 2 was a Ferrari but the Impression in Studio 2 is just a cheap WV that other companies offer it with better functionality. I don’t understand why you discontinued something high end and created something mediocre?

I didn’t discontinue anything, I am a user as you are. I use Impression 2 but, as it is NOT a supported product as Studio 1 is NOT supported, I just work around. Note also that you can do everything in Studio 2 that you could do in Impression/Studio 1 except start with a blank palette, and you have the bonus of other filters you can also apply as you could in Studio 1.

Sorry AiDon, I thought you’re one of the developers :slight_smile: It’s a shame that we have to do everything from scratch …

Those products are no longer supported, Studio 2 is the supported product.