Can Topaz avoid eventual support for the iPad?

(donvine) #1

With G5 internet access speeds virtually on the horizon, with many major companies begging us to keep our images in their cloud, and with Adobe adding PS to LR as iPad apps in 2019, plus Adobe hinting at combining Mac and IOS apps within another year tor two, I wonder when/if Topaz will begin supporting the iPad Pro.

Seems to me that GigaPix and JPEG to RAW would be two apps that lend themselves to enthusiastic adoption by anyone taking iPhone or iPad photos.

(Mond) #2

I somehow doubt that the processing power needed for Topaz would be a capability of iPad. The Adobe / Affinity apps on iPad are very much cut-down versions. Interesting thought, though.

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(StoryInPictures) #3

I would think that many of the tools in Topaz Studio could be ported to the latest iPad. It has a surprising amount of processing power.

DeNoise AIā€¦not so much :slight_smile: