Can the mask appear on the image instead of the little window on the side?

I use masking a layers a lot the I am working.

What I see with Topaz is that mask is shown for any layer on a little window that pair on the Mask option. Other when I am painting the mask and I see on my image, later I only see it in ancillary window. This is nice for getting an idea of the mask’s position, but does not show the image itself, so if I am masking fine detail, I really have little control of what is happening.

Is there a way to view the mask on my actually image?


By the way I love the edge detection – it’s very clever.


I think that is an excellent idea, I been having problems when the image has been cropped and working with a mask because it doesn’t line up with the cropped size. So maybe for now the work around would be to save the cropped image and open as a new image . Just a thought, I haven’t tried it yet.


Thanks. I’m not looking for a workaround. Every program I’ve used shows masks on the image – you can switch them on or off. (The small window may be of use when I switch off.) Without that it’s impossible to know exactly where you are. I find it hard to believe there is no way of viewing it on the image. For me, who uses masking heavily on multiple layers, it’s make or break. I have 4 modules so far but this lack will certainly stop me from buying more.

This also my problem with presets. It seems to me most people use them on the entire image. But already when I shoot, I know what changes I want to make on different parts of the image.

I hope some developers and marketing people see this message. Or perhaps there is something I do not k ow – which is quite possible, though not intuitive.


I would love to see this mask option be available. Like you, I do a lot of masking and having the mask appear on the image would be a great help. Can only hope that the Topaz techs read this post and can make this an added feature? Thanks for making the suggestion!

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I think you are on to something that would be of great benefit to many users … I hope it comes into being.

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Would be great to be able to see the mask on top of the image. There are quite a few quirks to TS masking and am hoping that Topaz has them on their “to do” list. Their edge aware technology for masking is brilliant though. So when I have multiple layers and heavy masking my workflow incorporates TS for the creative effects integrated with Photoshop layers and masking. Keeping in mind that TS is not intended as a replacement to an editor like Photoshop, I love that the TS platform means I can use their creative tools without always having to use Photoshop.

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count me in as a yes vote for this ability

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Until we have this functionality, here is a trick I’ve used when I really need to see what I am masking on top of the image. YMMV, but play around with it.

-Open the image in TS

  • Add Color Overlay adjustment in a contrasting color with opacity at about 75% so you can still see the original image

–Open Color Overlay mask and create the mask you will use on the image. This simulates painting on the mask and is particularly helpful at a zoomed in level. When done, copy the mask and paste into whatever adjustment you need it on (inverting as needed). Then the Overlay can be deleted or just turned off.

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Great idea Linda, thanks!

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Thanks Linda.

Clumsy for day-to-day use and for multiple masks, but I guess in a pinch . . . . Main problem of course is that I am not masking on the layer on which I am working.

I’m surprised that a company like Topaz, with their amazing s/w, hasn’t already provided this. I think I wait for this to be implemented before buying additional modules.

Thanks again,



@Menachem I hear you. I have a variety of programs that I use because each one of them does something better than the other. I doubt there will ever be one that does it all LOL.

I love that TS provides a hub outside of a host program like Photoshop or Lightroom to be able to utilize their tools quickly. However, if I have a multi-layered project I find it much easier to work in Photoshop (or whatever host program of choice) utilizing Topaz’s plug-ins and Studio adjustments from there.

This would be a very useful feature!

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