Can not type timecode into Trim out point

There seems to be a bug in the trim feature, I can not type a time into the out field.

I can only render at night when I am not using my computer so this is something I use often. I want to be able to type in the exact time for in and out points as I need to break up my videos into sections so the render will end in the moring.

I reported this on 23 of August.
link: Topaz Video Ai 3.4.1 - Unable to accurately modify the end point of a Trim

As I said then, it followed the update t 3.4.1
I updated to 3.4.2 which, I believe, purported to fix this issue, but it remains an issue.
Still unable to accurately set the end point of a trim.

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Fixed in v3.4.4, please update :slight_smile:

Just updated to 3.4.1.
I am no longer able to edit the end point of a video Trim.
Previously I could either modify the values or paste a new set of values into the end point. This has stopped working and setting the end point via the slider is to say the least ‘clumsy’.
ETA: Any modification made other than via the slider bar is immediately reverted.

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Our team is looking into this.

I have the same issue, hope it can be fixed.

I have just updated from 3.4.3 to 3.4.4.
This issue appears to be resolved with this release.